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we know the best performance come from the following factors:

  • Good Money management
  • Psychological capital manage skills
  • self discipline
  • Enough time and fund
  • Professional information and internet support.


We don’t rely on predication of guess, which is not reliable in long run. we consider statistics and automatic computer software developed by my friends from Stock exchange. We rely on the signal alerted by our software to place trades, removing the effects of individual judgement of human. Just as shown in the above figure, we know exactly how the market move in the next 5 to 10 minutes. so it is easier for us to earn money on binary option especially on 5 min short term binary option trading.


Most people consider binary option as gambling;actually, this is a misunderstanding. the best chance to win a gambling game is lower than 50%; however, on binary option we can get 80%+ chance to win with professional analysis. we don’t guess or rely on luck, which cant sustain. we consider the statistical probability advantages and develop the consistent trading analysis system. we also use computer assistance developed by our traders to remove the emotional factor when trading.


see more recent record:


Our features:

  • No Fixed service fees:We only share profits so we have the same goal to make as much as possible from market.
  • You don’t need spend tens of thousands dollars to set up a trading room. you don’t need stay at computer around clock ; all you need to do is open account, fund, withdraw and pay our share regularly.
  • We only recommend the most reliable brokers and exchange. we don’t take any affiliate business with any broker. we don’t care those small commission. there are many signal providers recommend bad brokers. Contact us before you open account and help u avoid unnecessary loss.
  • Average daily return @10%,Which is higher than most other investment options. this is why we charge a high fees. You will find we worth it after cooperation.
  • Trail service.The most reliable method to gain real experience is trail. you can start with 5000 usd (if less, there can be problem of money management strategy) so you can add more funds after u satisfied.
  • You only need pay us share after u get withdraw !!!! You don’t need sign up under any affiliate link.


Account options :

Account type Capital size (USD/Euro/GBP) Expected Weekly return Our profit share
Standard: $10k + 5k 60%
Vip A/C $50k + 25k 50%
SVIP A/C $100k + 50k 45%

* My share is based on the net profit. for example, your capital is 10000 USD, at the end of the week, it reach 13000 USD, the net profit is 3000 USD. then my share is 3000*55%=1650 USD, your share is 1350 USD.


Alert: Don’t open accounts with binary option brokers before cooperating with us. we have real experience on brokers which help you avoid the scam brokers.

1. Open account with trustful regulated Broker

2. Send us the Login details

You need send your username and password* to us after you deposit. You provide the login details (username and Password) means you authorize us manage the account on your behalf legally which include open and close trades. Deposit and withdraw funds is proceed by clients. Never try to login when we are trading, since there can be loss. we will let you know after we finish trading and please contact us before you login. if not, we won’t responsible for your loss caused by your login try during our trading session.

Send your details by Skype : add cherryxia1986 or email:

3. pay my share 

We can accept payment by Skrill, okpay, perfect money, western union, etc

Risk Disclosure

We are independent traders and have No association with any broker in any manner. We also Do Not accept or collect funds from clients. Your money is  under your own name and in your own account. we only place trades for you and share profits with you; binary option involves high level of risks; the investors should be rational when trading binary option.

* We dont receive funds from clients, Please don’t send fund to us before you need pay our profit share for trading. Never invest what you can not afford to lose. The above screenshots and numbers, return level are all based on the historical results, which is estimated level and should not be taken as a fixed promise.