2 years ago, we only manage accounts for friends and their friends. there is nothing about us online and our site got no rank on google search. Doesn’t the clients access to internet?  Recently, our clients told us there are some negative posts on our site. We checked their post and name, we found that some of them are the clients rejected by us, some of them did not pay our share and then blacklisted, and most of them are the SEO writer hired by our competitors.  Now we are ranked as Top 1 on Google search of 15,800,000 results on the keyword “managed binary account”. we got more clients from search engine and also become the common competitor of other manage service. we are no saying all of them are bad, but you can always find out many bad guys in a group of 15,800,000 persons. For this, we can do nothing, and some investment or trading related forums even post the negative reviews by themselves. They threaten and extort us for money. But we wont give in, the truth will prove itself. you can see part of them here: http://binaryoption2.com/scam-list/

google result

For new client, We can show you how great our software by skype screen share  lively. seeing is believing. all Skype chats, screenshots, videos, and other testimonies can be fake, but i will show our running trading software lively, you can see the winning rate by your own eyes. with the software and our judgement, we can easily make a 85% + winning rate on average in long run.

when we do screen share, You choose the currency pair, the time frame, i will set the trading software when you seeing. u can check the live price compared with your own MT4, after all the live price on your MT4 cant be manipulated by us.

For this, you can see with your own eyes on how we can make sure winning rate at 85% and  make at least 10% profits per day.

Judge by your own eyes, Don’t rely on the posts online solely. for example, there can be positive posts (maybe posted by the owner himself) and negative posts (maybe posted by the competitors) on every business. so Seeing is believing by your own eyes


Skype: cherryxia1986

Email: cherryxia1986@gmail.com

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