Most asked question: IF your service is so good, why there are negative reviews on your website?

Answer: To be honest, it is fair to have negative reviews. there is no 100%  perfect things on the world. however, there are some truth i want to disclose since they also contribute to the negative reviews.

Firstly, as you can see, we are ranked as Top 1 (exclude the Ads of google) on Google search engine out of 959000. you can imagine how much competitors we are faced. they post negative reviews on us to let us down; as the “The nail that sticks up mostly gets hammered down” We cant zip their mouth to spill out dirty words, fake negative reviews.

google search

secondly, we have many clients they don’t pay in time as agreed dates, disappeared after we made them big amount of money. we put them on the scam list, then they start posting negative reviews on us. Similarly, we cant stop them just because they are fake negative reviews.

Q1. What is requirements to use your managed account service? Do you accept funds from clients?

Answer: you have the necessary capital (10000 USD/Euro/GBP); with an account of 10000 usd/Euro/GBP), you can expect daily profit of 500 to 2000 usd/Euro/GBP (after my share)  you need pay my share in time (daily for first 3 days and then weekly)

we don’t accept funds from clients directly, we only manage account for customers. the clients need open their own account and deposit to their own account. and the indicative return is not promised and is only a predication.

Q2. How many trades do you place per day?

Answer: 20+ trades are placed, which also depends on the market trend and market liquidity.

Q3. What is your winning rate for all trades? and how can keep high winning rate?

Answer: we cant secure our all trades will win .someday. we have developed the software to help us making decison, which ensure high winning rate in long run. you can see the following photo,  the arrow indicate the market direction in the following minutes.


Q4: Which brokers do you recommend?

Answer: based on the experience of mine and our clients, 99% of the brokers are scams. they manipulate the price, use the bonus trade and don’t allow withdraw, etc. therefore, there are limited number of reliable brokers:

Broker :

  • for brokers, please contact us to inquiry

Q5: IS my fund secure? can you withdraw the money from my account?

Answer: Firstly, the broker i recommend above is secure, they are regulated and are legit ones based our real experience from our clients,

secondly, we cant withdraw your money to our bank account. since the broker will verify your identity before you withdraw. the money can only withdraw to your bank account you used to deposit. No third party can withdraw your money.

Q6: Do you provide any tools or education course to learn your skills?

Answer: Sorry, we wont sell or provide this kind of things. will you kill your hen that can lay gold eggs? for binary option signal, it is not work since there is delay to send and receive the signal. so we will not provide the signals.

Q7: Why your share is so high, other traders only charge 30% around?

Answer: because we can earn more money during the same time. for example. with a 10000 usd account, we make 8000 usd per week, if you take 40% of the share, you get 3200 usd per week, for other traders, they can make 4000 usd per week at best. you get 60% from other, your share is only 4000*60%=2400 USD; therefore, although we charge higher you can still earn more profits.

Q8: Which method can i use to transfer your share?

Answer: For amount below 20000 USD or equivalent, use perfect money, okpay or western union, for amount above 20000 usd, use bank wire.

If you have other questions, fell free to reach us by:


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