Scam Brokers:

The following popular brokers generally got problems based on real experience of our clients.

24option:the price manipulation is very serious and most time the price offered by this platform is different from the market price; therefore there is a very low chance for clients to earn money from it. especially for the short term binary options.

Lbinary;This is another big scam; we never heard it before a client told his suffer from this broker. he was referred by a signal provider. after we investigate this signal provider actually is a big affiliate of this broker. after the clients fund their account, the signal provide just stop contacting with clients and the scam broker dont allow withdraw; also there is price manipulation.

safe24option: obviously another big scam which use similar name of 24option to cheat clients。

There are many other scam brokers. Don’t open account and fund before join us.


New scam Clients exposure 


  • Henry: UK, 3475 GBP
  • Shified: Germany, 7842 USD
  • Helen, Priest, Canada, 7250 USD
  • Shamiur Rashid: Bangladesh, This guy may in other names, who lost a lot of clients’ account and disappear. reported by many new clients of us. Avoid it!
  • Pieter Biewenga ; South Africa, This guy is a fake trader and he get accounts of others and cheat others and us. actually he is only a scammer
  • Johnny, French, owe my share of 4809 Euro
  • Stephen Macharia, Unknown country, owe us 595 usd
  • haemdoc, Singaporean,owe my share of 7435 USD
  • Jenny,wu, Malaysian, owe my share of 11247 USD
  • Frank, Shaw, UK, owe my share of 6140 pounds.
  • Jong, Hong; USA, threaten us by posting negative reviews after we reject working for him
  • Shirley,Wang, UK,owe us 5700 GBP


Scam clients list:

This list include the customers that did not pay my share of profits, Just avoid these guys: From now on, we will Never accept delay payment of my share. will only continue trading after we receive our share daily.

Habib umer sheikh, Pakistan, Scam trader lost a lot of money for customers (reported by many customers)

Chris Jackson, Australian scammer, he claimed he is  living in Thailand. cheat more than 5 customers of mine. he crack the accounts of others. avoid this guy. 

Sathish Kumar, Singapore, Owe my share of 2460 usd

Clinton Brown, UK, owe my share of 4850 GBP;

Lars-Ake, Sweden, owe my share of 7543 USD

gerrit hooimeijer, Holand, owe my share of 8400 USD

Chris Galea, France, Owe me 11476 Euro;

Burzo Gabriel Mihai, Spain, owe me 7000 euro;

Istvan Zambo, France, owe me 6250 euro

Smith, Lee, Singapore, owe my share of 8130 USD

Bruce, Australia, owe my share of 4490 AUD

Carry, UK, owe my share of 7705 pounds

Rival Owen, UK, owe me 1427 pounds

Larry, Lung, Australia, Owe me 3741 AUD

Kristo Orma, UK, owe me 950 GBP

Sarah Williarms, Keny, Owe me 5200 USD

Ahmed Kalbani, India, Owe me 2065 USD

Dawan S: UK, owe me 794 pounds

Landy,Swiss,owe 3184 CHF

Jack direct, Greek,owe 25470 Euro

Alex,Qi, UK, 5974 GBP

chaos,LEE, Canada,7841 USD

Vikas Mishra, India, Owe me 3913 USD

Kamayoushi, Japan, Own me 6294 USD

Fenando, Spain, Owe me 1340 Euro

Bred, USA, Owe me 4016 USD

Sibniya, Dan, Canada, Owe me 7844 CAD

Cindy, Kim, Hongkong, owe me 6412 pounds

Aleksey Kotenko, Norway, owe me 7005 euro

Abubaker algile, India,  owe me 4921 usd

Steve luna, USA, owe our share for 5k usd.

(Updated on  June 2, 2017)


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